Recommended Items to Bring on Trips and Tours

  • Sunglasses, Bathing Suit, Personal Towels, Hat, Tennis or Deck Shoes, Long Sleeve Shirt, Other shorts to change into etc @ the Dock.
  • Wetsuit or shorties (available for rent) if you bring/rent one of these you WILL NOT be obligated to wear the Obligatory Ski-Vest while swimming
  • Snorkeling Gear (we provide if you do not have)
  • TIPS: Normally 10-15% for the Captain & In-Water guides is appreciated by your crew for a Job well done. You Decide. “They will earn your tips as they will work their “Butts” off to insure your Maximum enjoyment
  • Sun Block – Biodegradable ONLY PLEASE for the Whale Sharks health. Coppertone, SEA & SKI, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat or other types of Commercial Oils & lotions are “NOT” Part of the Whale Sharks’ Diet!
    We HIGHLY recommend  “”REEF SAFE”” 100% BIODEGRADABLE Sunscreen while swimming with the Whale Sharks. We have compared this Sun Screen against ALL of the “other” so-called Biodegradable products in the marketplace and found ONLY “”REEF SAFE”” to be Truly BIODEGRADABLE.
  • Dramamine, Patches, Ear Buttons, and Ginger etc to PREVENT seasickness. Please take whatever PRECAUTIONS are necessary if you’re Prone to Seasickness. Its not pleasant for you or other guests. BE PREPARED. We cannot legally give you Medications.
  • Cameras: Digital or not + those cheap disposable Waterproof Cameras take pretty darn good Photos. The Little Instant “One Time Use” Underwater Cameras work pretty well. If using Expensive Digital Cameras use a Protective Housing, or have some other way to Protect your camera. SALTWATER & CAMERAS “Do NOT Mix”. We also have Polaroid & Fuji Disposable Cameras @ departure Marina